Dec 05

Rapid CoVID-19 Antigen Test Funded

Our rapid CoVID-19 saliva-based test using an off-the-shelf glucometer was recently funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) under the Rapid Acceleration of Diagnostics (RADx) program. Read more about our exciting work here.

Aug 14

Ultra-Low Power, PVT-robust Transmitter Published

Somok’s paper titled “A 67-μW Ultra-Low Power PVT-Robust MedRadio Transmitter” was presented last week at a (virtual) RFIC symposium. Check out his paper, slides, and recorded talk. Impressively, this work achieves the best energy-efficiency (67 pJ/bit) and lowest power among sub-1mW transmitters!

Aug 09

Opioid research funded!

Our Phase II STTR proposal with CARI Therapeutics was funded by the NIH. Read more about it here.

Jun 06

Congratulations, Dr. Zhou!

Congratulations, Dr. Zhou! Xiahan successfully defended his thesis on Magnetoresistive Biosensors. Check out some of his work here, here, and here. It was our group’s first “virtual” Zoom defense. Xiahan will start at Qualcomm soon.

Jun 04

Congratulations, Matthew!

Congratulations, Matthew for winning the ECE undergraduate research award! Matthew is an amazingly hard worker and has been very productive in his time working with the BioEE group. We will miss him! Matthew will join the CMU Ph.D. program in the fall.

May 14

Alex’s paper is recognized by Electroanalysis

Alex’s paper titled “Point‐of‐Care Smartphone‐based Electrochemical Biosensing” was among the top 10% most downloaded papers in the Electroanalysis journal last year! This article is a great summary of point-of-care mobile Health (mHealth) devices. Check it out!

Mar 17

Congratulations, Dr. Mondal!

Somok successfully defended his thesis titled, “Power-Efficiency Enhancement Techniques for Precision Sensing Circuits and Short-range Transmitters.” We celebrated his achievements with a “chip cake!” (If you are unfamiliar with this tradition, check out this video.) Also, check out some of Somok’s chips here.


Dec 13

Congratulations, Dr. Huang!

Chih-Cheng (Iric) successfully defended his thesis titled, “Magnetoresistive Devices for Biosensing Applications” yesterday. We celebrated his achievements with a “chip cake”! (If you are unfamiliar with this tradition, check out this video.)

Nov 14

Our wake-up receiver work is in the news

Our work on ultra-low power wake-up receivers has been featured in the news. Check it out here or here.

Oct 24

Congratulations, Aditi!

Aditi won the Best Pitch Award at the Center for Wearable Systems (CWS) Symposia for her work on “An Ultra-low Power Temperature Sensor for Glaucoma Medication Adherence.”

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